Getting Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved in the New Parkway Theater, and we hope you’ll choose one or more of the following:

Get on our Mailing List
Our mailing list is where you’ll first hear about what’s playing as well as other special events.
Social Media
You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
Volunteer at the New Parkway
Want to help make the New Parkway a glowing success? Consider volunteering to make this theater a most-sustainable Oakland institution. You can volunteer weekly, monthly, or just once, and we have tons of diverse options. We’ll take good care of you while you’re with us, sometimes wine and dine you, and set you up with free movie tickets. Read more about it.
Work at the New Parkway
We’re often looking for people to work throughout the theater and cafe. Find out more information about working at the New Parkway.
Become an Equity Investor
Are you interested in not only supporting the theater but owning a slice of the Parkway pie? Then consider becoming an equity investor.
Apply for Karma Cinema
Do you work for a local group that benefits the Oakland community? Apply for our Karma Cinema program!
Host a Benefit Event
We offer a sponsored time slot for non-profits, community groups, and independent filmmakers. Learn more here!