Karma Cinema

Every Wednesday, you pay what you want for your movie ticket. At the end of the month, we donate 20% of all Karma Cinema ticket sales to our monthly Karma Cinema partner, a local organization that benefits Oakland communities.

Karma Cinema is an example of our efforts to make going to the movies accessible for people of all means, as well as giving an opportunity for those who can afford to give back to do so.

Do you know of a fantastic Oakland-based organization who would be a good fit for our Karma Cinema program? Have them fill out an application! 

The application process is simple: provide the requested information about your organization’s mission, work, and budget. We select organizations based on impact of the work and potential impact funds raised could have for an organization. We are most interested in organizations that benefit Oakland communities specifically, and ask organizations who serve populations outside of Oakland to funnel the funds earned toward Oakland-based programs. 

Applicant FAQs

Q. How much money do Karma Cinema partners generally receive?
A. The amount of funds raised varies based on the popularity of currently screened movies and how much promotion the partner organization contributes. In the past six months, Karma Cinema partners have received anywhere from $600 to $1600.

Q. When is the Karma Cinema application due?
We accept applications on a rolling basis.

Q. When will I know if my organization has been selected to be a Karma Cinema partner?
A. We select partners by the 1st of the month preceding the partnership. Please note that if your organization is not selected for the upcoming month, we keep applications on hand to consider for Karma Cinema partnerships in future months.

Q. What is required of me as a Karma Cinema partner?
A. We’ll send partners an MOU that outlines our expectations in detail, but generally it requires a representative from your organization attending a minimum of one night of the partnership to table and introduce a couple movies, promotion in your organization’s newsletter, and weekly plugs on social media.

Got a question you don’t see here? E-mail karma@thenewparkway.com with your inquiry.