Facility Rental FAQs

You say that there might be a minimum attendee or minimum food purchase. How much is that?

Our rental rates at the theater are lower than many other comparable facilities, and we’re able to keep our prices competitive because we expect each person attending to also consume some food and/or drink during their time here (food which you will either pay for or your guests will pay for). That’s why we set minimum attendee numbers or food and drink minimums for your rental. If you meet the benchmarks stated below, there are no additional fees, but if you do not, you will be billed for each attendee below the benchmark. Here are the minimums:



If you do not have the above number of attendees present, you will either be billed $10 for each attendee short of that number (more for events longer than 2.5 hours). You may also avoid the minimum attendee requirement altogether if your food and drink purchase is greater than the above number multiplied by $15.


You mention film booking fees on the price list. What does that mean?

Every film screened at The New Parkway must be officially licensed through the distributor or the filmmaker prior to your event. You may either arrange for this on your own and provide us with written proof, or we can book the film on your behalf for the cost of booking plus a $25 booking fee. Typically, most film bookings run between $150-$250, depending on the title and distributor. To ensure your request can be processed effectively and your film booked on time, we ask that you submit all film booking requests at least 3 weeks prior to your event.


What are the box office fees if we’d like to have the New Parkway manage our ticket sales?

Many renters decide to manage their own event admission, including advanced ticket sales and day-of ticket sales. If you choose to manage your own ticket sales, we require that you send us a sales report three days prior to your event so that we can plan our staffing accordingly.

If you would like The New Parkway to provide box office support for your event, you can pay an additional fee based on the level of support you would like:


We will work with you to create online ticketing profiles, manage ticket sales online and in-person, program day-of ticket sales into our POS, manage will-call/reserved seats, and assist with some online promotion. We will then cut you a check within 7 days of your event.


We will manage your day-of will-call/reserved seating & sell tickets for you on the day of the screening. We will then cut you a check within 7 days of your event.


This level of support does not include any additional services related to advance ticket sales, will-call, or event management. If you choose this option, we will simply program your event into our POS and sell walk-up tickets on the day of your event. We will then cut you a check within 7 days of your event.


What is the payment schedule? Do I have to pay for everything all at once?

At the time when you sign the contract, you will need to pay for half of the rental fee, along with a refundable security deposit of $500. The remainder of your rental fee will need to be paid a minimum of two weeks before your event date.


What will you do with our security deposit and when can I expect to get it back?

We deposit all security deposits into our bank account. Assuming that all payments have been made and that nothing in the space has been damaged, we will return your security deposit by issuing you a check within 14 days after your event.
I see that I’m required to get private event liability insurance but I don’t have any. What are my options?

If you don’t carry private event liability insurance, you may purchase a one day policy through many local insurance brokers.


When is the cafe open if my guests just want to order off of the menu?

Please find our cafe hours and our cafe menu here.


What’s the difference between ordering off of the catering menu as opposed to ordering off of the regular cafe menu?

While we strongly recommend that you order off of the catering menu for your event, since the plating and service is geared precisely towards events, we realize that you may prefer to order off of the regular menu. If ordering from our regular menu, you can expect that all food will be delivered as it is during our regular cafe service. This means each plate will come out prepared for one individual and it will be delivered to one individual, just like any other order placed at our concessions stand. For this option, we do not provide tables in the theater or coordinate buffet-style service.

If, instead, you choose to order from our catering menu, everything will be made to your specifications. Most importantly, the presentation and the timing will be integrated into the fabric of your event. The catering menu describes all the food choices as well as the service costs. If there’s something on the regular menu that’s not on the catering menu that you can’t live without, we might be able to work up a special price for you and serve it up as if it were on the catering menu.


What’s the technical capacity of the New Parkway in terms of projection and audio?

The New Parkway is an all-digital Theater equipped with Doremi servers and 2K resolution Christie projectors. We can project your digital programs in the following formats:

The New Parkway Theater is currently capable of 5.1 surround sound and we will soon have 7.1. We can also offer one wireless microphone for your event, or up to three wired microphones with our in-house PA system set-up. We recommend that you check out our PA system, mixer, and microphones prior to your event to make sure the set-up will be effective for your specific program.

We can also provide wireless Fidelio audio delivery systems for visually impaired and hearing-impaired patrons. All film content is available with amplified sound for hard-of-hearing patrons, but use of these devices for the visually-impaired is dependent on whether or not the film is enabled with the content necessary for descriptive narration.


If I’m showing something during my event, can I just bring the content with me day of?

No. We need to have the content in-house for testing one week prior to your event. That’s the only way that we can ensure a high-quality experience for you and your guests. Please note that for each day less than a week that your content is not in-house, we will deduct $25 from your security deposit. Please also note that we are not responsible for any technical glitches or projection problems with any content delivered to us day-of, nor tied to any last-minute scheduling changes on your part.


When I rent a theater, does that include a dedicated projectionist?

When you book an event with us, we will provide you with someone to project your film, monitor sound and lighting, and assist you with basic show operations. If you are presenting a more technically complicated event, or have the need for a dedicated tech to manage your program, we charge $100/hour extra for this service.


How early before my rental time can I come in to set up the space?

Rental hours are inclusive of set-up and take down time. So if you’ve booked a space from 7-11PM, please do not expect to be able to access the space prior to 7PM. Our staff will give you our full attention from the time of your rental onwards but please understand that we have other commitments to tend to outside of the time of your rental.


It’s very important for me to meet with the New Parkway Theater staff prior to my event. Is that possible?

Yes, we are happy to meet with you prior to the event so that we can best understand your needs and jointly craft a wonderful event. Included in the cost of your rental, we will meet with you up to two times for 30 minutes each. Any additional meetings (or longer meetings) will be billed at $100/hour.